Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rat bastard - Small doses Prequel

Rat bastard - Small doses

Number/issue: 1
Pages: 7
Genre: Sci fi
Date of publication: 2012
Price: Free preview
Platform(s): iPad

Private detective Roscoe Rodent’s day is off to a bad start: behind on his rent, chased by a crazed baboon, assaulted by lowlifes, abducted by corporate goons, and accused of murder. His meeting with a washed-up supermodel and her story of her husband’s secret project hurls him into a case that he never signed on for. All while trying to survive the indignities of life as a member of a permanent underclass of sentient rats that struggle to survive in the Manhattan Empire of the 22nd century.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Wormworld Saga

The Wormworld Saga

Number/issue: 4
Pages: not applicable
Genre: Mistery, Fantasy
Date of publication: 2012
English, French, German, Spanish
Price: Free preview, inner purchase for more (2,99€ each number)
Platform(s): iPad, iPhone
Google Play

☆ WINNER: Best Comics App @ Publishing Innovation Awards 2012 ☆


Discover the breathtaking fantasy world that enchanted a million readers already!

The Wormworld Saga is an episodic graphic novel designed for the iPad, from the mind of renowned digital painter Daniel Lieske.

The Wormworld Saga follows the life and adventures of Jonas Berg, who at a young age enters a parallel world through a forgotten painting in a dusty attic.

From that day on, Jonas’ fate is linked to this fantastic and mysterious place, in which he will visit indescribable wonders, experience true friendship, face insurmountable evil and discover his family legacy.


Read The Wormworld Saga the way it was meant to be read! The Wormworld Saga App offers the following features that are not available on the web version:

☆ Better Image Quality and Scrolling Performance
☆ The Art of the Wormworld Saga Artbook
☆ Exclusive News and Content
☆ Share your Favorite Scenes by Facebook, Twitter or Email


Upgrade each chapter to the Collector’s Edition to unlock additional features:

☆ Artwork & Sketch Mode
☆ Author Commentary
☆ Additional Artbook Content


Born at the edge of the Teutoburger Forest in Germany, Daniel Lieske is an acclaimed digital illustrator who started producing his first comics in the schoolyard. He is also the founder of digitalartforum.de, one of the biggest German art communities.

Daniel currently works full-time on The Wormworld Saga from his studio in Warendorf.


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