Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rostam Adventure Comic - Tales from the Epic of Kings

Title: Rostam Adventure Comic - Tales from the Epic of Kings
Number/issue: 1
Genre: Action/adventure, fantasy
Pages: 12
Date of publication: 2011
Price: Free
Platform(s): iPad 

Boomgen Studios

These are the tales of the Epic of Kings - the mythic history of Persia - a world of grotesque monsters and valiant heroes, of petty kings and epic battles, of love found and lost, of good and evil, and the internal struggle of man against fate.

Behind every great epic there are a handful of heroes whose courage and loyalty make them rise above the rest. For Persia, no hero stood taller than Rostam: a titan, magnificent in strength and courage who traversed Persia for 500 years as her protector, bowing to no one, not even the kings he served.

Here we present a state-of-the art interactive mobile comic app for the avid mythology, fantasy, adventure fans of all ages. Rostam, the first storyline in a vast transmedia story universe, is masterfully illustrated by comic veteran Karl Allstaetter who got his start with Marvel, DC, and Image Comics, working on such books as X-MEN and Superman, The Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Fantastic Four, and The Avengers. It is now time to place Rostam among those heroes.

Powered by The Active Reader, Rostam Adventure Comic is an interactive and multidimensional experience unlike any you have ever experienced. Here is the list of special features in the Rostam app:

o Interactive graphic novel experience
o Sound design and a powerful original score
o Images that come to life
o Easy to use (tap right to advance, tap left to go back)
o No buttons or preferences to set
o Discover hidden content for free stuff
o Interactive adventure map
o Embedded StoryWiki™, allowing you to join the storytelling process (coming soon)
o Thumbnail navigation
o …and much much more!

The Origins of Rostam:

Thousands of years ago, the Persians ruled an empire that stretched the length of Central Asia, stretching from China and India to Egypt and Europe. Persian civilization – its faith and folklore, its art and architecture – influenced countless peoples and civilizations across the ancient world. But it was its myths and heroes, captured by the pen of Persia's most renowned poet Ferdowsi in the thousand year-old epic called Shahnameh (Epic of Kings), that have inspired countless writers and artists from William Shakespeare to J.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings), C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), and George Lucas (StarWars). Of all the heroes in Ferdowsi's epic, none is more famous or renowned than Rostam, whose tales of blood and valor have been recounted for a thousand years.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Operation Ajax

Title: Operation Ajax Number/issue: 10 (5 for now)
Genre: spy, thriller, graphic novel, history
Pages: not applicable
Date of publication: 2011
Price: Free first 3 previews, 0,79€ each number
Platform(s): iPad
Official site

Experience the most interactive graphic novel on a tablet, called “one of the coolest media experiences that I’ve seen on the iPad” in the New York Times!

Operation Ajax is a graphic retelling of the 1953 CIA-sponsored coup in Iran, letting you dive in to history like never before with revolutionary interactive enhancements to the traditional graphic novel experience.

Inspired by author Stephen Kinzer’s investigative journalism and his bestselling account of the coup, Operation Ajax is a riveting story that examines the facts and mystery behind today’s political conflicts in the Middle East and America’s modern discord with Iran.

Follow a covert CIA operative– based on the identities of real agents whose names were redacted from leaked CIA records- as he recalls the dramatic real-life historical events involving heads of state, covert agents, hired thugs, and revolutionary political activists.

The fun of reading comics and the allure of accessing an actual coup plan -which was controversially leaked to the New York Times in 2000- come together in this cool and engaging iPad story.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lovelace & Babbage

Title: Lovelace & Babbage

Number/issue: 1
Genre: Steampunk
Date of publication: 2011
Price: free preview, 2,39€ full
Platform(s): iPad  

Official Site

The Lovelace & Babbage webcomic is based on Sydney's meticulously-researched (and highly amusing) historical footnotes. On the web, these footnotes are secondary to the comic. On iPad, we wanted to give them equal billing.
We prototyped a new navigation approach, taking advantage of the iPad's multiple orientations. In portrait, the comic is presented in its original form, redrawn and optimised for the iPad's screen. In landscape, the comic appears alongside historical notes, documents, engravings and videos, focussing the reader's attention on individual panels as each annotation is explored. The end result is a powerful way to annotate creative works. As a tribute to Babbage, we've called it the Annotations Engine.
The engine enables authors to create interactive works with extensive notes, annotations and documents, all without needing to write a line of code. It's supported by a desktop authoring tool to build, edit and preview these works as they are created. In addition to the author's own notes and documents, the engine integrates with Google Books and Wikipedia, pulling in further supporting material alongside the artist's original work.
And it's not just about annotations. We're already working on the next version of the comic, with infinite canvas navigation, multiplane camera reveals, atmospheric audio, and complex animated annotations. All of these will appear early in 2012 in a new Lovelace & Babbage adventure – User Experience – created specifically for the iPad.
In the meantime, the Lovelace & Babbage app brings the history of computing to life – and gives a glimpse of the future of comics on iPad.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carnival Of Souls

Title: Carnival Of Souls
CREATOR and WRITER: Jazan Wild
Genre: HorrorDate of publication: 2009
Language: English
Price: 0,99$ each, free for Android
Platform(s):iPad, iPhone & Android  
iTunes 1 1 (new) 2 3 4 3D Graphic novel (only iPad 1,99$)
Android Market 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8(not found) 9 10 11 3D Reader

Carnival Of Souls the 1st Motion Comic Book on the Android!
Carnival Comics led the way into the future of comic publishing with this ground breaking motion comic, as far back as 2006. Now Carnival leads the way again, by being the first Comic Book company to bring motion comics to the Android Marketplace.
This wonderfully dark journey into the wild leads readers into the heart of a twisted circus. Jazan couldn't wait to enter the carnival, but once he did, it entered him! After leaving the grounds, he becomes the sole survivor of a plane crash. Jazan begins to see the freakish characters from the carnival deep in the heart of the jungle he crashed into. What was once a dream, has quickly become a nightmare.
Also in 3D!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mirabilis – Year of Wonders

Title: Comic Mirabilis – Year of Wonders

Number/issue: 8
Genre: Horror, fantasy, mistery
Pages: 200 (all issues)
Date of publication: 2011
Price: n°1 free, n° 2 0,79€, 3-8 1,59€ each
Platform(s): iPad 

Official site

The epic opening instalment of an exciting new ongoing graphic novel adventure. The first 8 issues collect the entire Mirabilis: Winter season into one 200-page comics blockbuster, the first of four fabulous seasons that will build into an essential modern classic. Start collecting now with the FREE first issue!

The dawn of a new century. A mysterious green comet appears in the sky. As the comet draws ever nearer, strange events start to become part of everyday life. The Year of Wonders has begun.

People wake up to find a world of marvels outside their window. There’s a troll under London Bridge. Mermaids are swimming up the Mississippi. There’s a dragon trying to hatch the Taj Mahal. And every rainbow ends in a crock of gold.

Fantasy is part of the everyday world and nothing will be the same again. But fantasy is a coin with two sides, and there are also age-old nightmares waiting in the darkness to become real again.

Jack Ember is an investigator for the Royal Mythological Society. Estelle Meadowvane is the aristocratic young amateur astronomer who discovered the green comet. Their missions carry them across a world transformed by magic. On the way they’ll encounter perils and marvels, friends and foes, loyalty and betrayal. It’s a year that will change their lives forever.

The odds are stacked against Jack and Estelle. Ranged against them are witches, pterodactyls, vampires, automata, sea monsters, two-thousand-year-old sorcerers, giant babies and murderous plants. But luckily this is the one year when anyone can achieve the impossible. You just have to try a little harder.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Comic Hero - Old Habits (Die Hard)

Title: Comic Hero - Old Habits (Die Hard)
Number/issue: 1
Genre: Action/adventure
Pages: not applicable
Date of publication: 2011
English, German, Spanish
Price: Free preview, full 0,99$
Platform(s): iPad & iPhone
Black Tobacco

Do you remeber the old gamebook where you can chose the path?

Comic Hero is an interactive comic platform that gives you the opportunity to choose between options so you can decide the path that the story will take.
You can return to previous decisions you made and make a new selection in order to develop different ways of action for the characters.
The total progress of the story can be checked as many other features as:

- History of decisions taken
- Percentage of decisions made
- Statistics of chosen endings
- Reset all the features, and more.

The comic is completely digitally-remastered and counts with original quick animations, leading to an enjoyable unique reading experience.

Old Habits is the story of a man located in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is trying to figure out what's happening in his life today and, with a little help from his friends and enemies, he'll be solving and adding problems either peacefully or...
Old Habits is the passionate tale of a man with questionable morals looking for peace, justice and redemption.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sulphur and Dana

Title: Sulphur and Dana
Number/issue: 1
Genre: fantasy
Pages: 9
Date of publication: 2011
Language: Italian, English
Price: Free
Platform(s): iPad
Official site

One of the must stunning animated comic at the moment, a little short, but the water/fire effect are really something you need to see.

The graphic novel is based on the short poem “Sulphur & Dana, fire, water love”, that depicts one of the miracles that only love can perform: the victory over prejudice, discrimination, mistrust and loathing towards “the other”.
An act of love is an act of growing closer, an attempt to get to know those who appear different from us, a powerful and spontaneous impulse of trust. It is no accident that the ancients believed it was Eros, Love, who brought harmony to the Universe.
The nine-page comic story shows how diversity is nearly always at the root of misunderstandings and conflicts. Men fear what they do not understand, and it is their fear that puts down the roots of hatred.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

El Cómic en España

The Spanish Ministry of Culture has carried out a thorough study on the state of comics in the country. You can find, of course in Spanish, the survey results here.
It is hoped that this initiative will soon be copied by other European states.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adventures in Formera

Title: Adventures in Formera
Story & art: Andrew Dobson
Adaptation editor: Hermes Pique
Adapted by: Yael Duckwen

Producer: Robot Comics
Genre:action/ adventure, fantasy

Date of publication: 2010

Pages: 66
Issue: 6
Language: English, French, Spanish
Price: Free issue 0,  other issue 0,79€
Platform: iPhone & iPad, Android
Android Market (note: the app is not avaiable at the moment )
App store
Official site

In this all-ages story, a young boy named Darian discovers he's on a different planet and his only way back home is to journey through the alien and dangerous land of FORMERA. His only companion is a young girl that speaks a language not known on Earth, named Keisha. ANDREW DOBSON creates a fun story that centers around self-discovery and creating true friendships that last through thick and thin.

A comic by Andrew Dobson, originally published by ALTERNA COMICS, now skillfully adapted for mobiles by ROBOT COMICS.


Comic viewer based on iROBOT COMIC VIEWER by ROBOT COMICS, the most intuitive and unintrusive comic reader available for iPhone and iPod touch. Fling left or right, or tap on the bottom corners to navigate. Pinch or double tap to zoom. Tap outside corners for many more options.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A programmer's life

Title: A programmer's life
Author: Thiago Theles

Genre: comic strip
Date of publication: 2011
Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian
Price: Free or 0,72€
Platform(s): Android

App version of the comics on the site
Browse through the available online and made ​​a few laughs with the cartoon of the dayYou can also share your favorite episodes via SMS or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others.
There are different languages​​: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.

WWE Heroes #0

Title: WWE Heroes #0 
Story: Keith Champagne
Pencils: Tom Nguyen
Inks: Keith Champagne and Tom Nguyen
Colours: Hi-Fi Design
Lettering: Andrew James
Editor: Ned Hartley
Application Developer: Hayden Stainsby
Genre: wrestling
Pages: 12 Date of publication: 2010
Issue: 1, more on official site
Language: English
Price: Free issue 0
Platform: iPhone & iPad

iTunesOfficial site

The first ever issue #0 comic created for the iPhone! Download this explosive prequel to the hardest-hitting comic of the year! Be the first to see all the superstars of the WWE in the most memorable stories of their career... All in WWE Heroes #0.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Qoobee & Friends

Title: Qoobee & Friends
Producer: Lixite
Number/issue: 40 strips for free, 116 for 0,79$
Genre: comic strip
Date of publication: 2010
Language: English
Price: Free
Platform(s): iPad & iPhone

Official site

Qoobee Agapi is a cute dinosaur angel. He brings all kinds of love to man kind and making this world a peaceful and harmonious place to live in.

The story begins few years after the battle between the Titans and the Olympians at Mount Olympus. Millions of angels died as a toll of their greed, hatred and jealousy and only a few managed to survive from the devastating battle.

Seeing love ones died during the battle, heartbroken Athena - Goddess of Wisdom understands it’s only the power of Love can prevent wars and bring perpetual peace. Hence she built ~ The Little Wings Valley ~ to train little wings angels to disseminate "Love" to both heavens and the earth. All graduated will be granted with a pair of big wings and a title "Qoobee Agapi". All little wings angels' dreams are to own a pair of big and beautiful wings.

Once upon a time, a war among the gods living at the top of the Olympic mountain ruined the entire Olympic empire. Most gods died as a toll of their greed, hatred and jealousy and only a few gods managed to escape and survive from the catastrophic war outbreak.

With a broken heart, they left the ruined Olympic town and started a new life somewhere in the Olympic range - The Little Wings Valley. A remote holy place hidden within the Olympic mountain range. It’s unreachable for mankind. The entrance to the valley is guard by the King of Titan - "Tiny" who would bar all mankind and evil spirits to enter the premise.

Little Wings Angels Embrace with supreme spiritual power and a pair of little wings. Little Wings Angels are destined to bring love to the chosen mankind. The sudden outbreak of war had forced them to leave their hometown. They hate war and any other kind of conflicts that could bring harm to both immortals and mortals Cupid - One group of little wings angels who were being trained from young to bring love to all living things in the mother earth.

This is a is fun comic book about Qoobee and his friends, a group of angels from the ancient Rome. They live in the clouds and attend "The Little Wings Magic Schools" everyday. Like all the other angels, they are the guardians of all the living things on earth, except that each of them have their own little problems to worry about...

This version provides the first 10 mini stories for free, and if you are interested to see the rest, you may purchase the full comic book from within the application