Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bane Of Yoto Episode 1: Monster

The Bane Of Yoto Episode 1: Monster

Number/issue: 1
Pages: not applicable
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action
Date of publication: 2012
Price: Free

Platform(s): iPad, iPhone

A Revolutionary Interactive, Animated Comic Book Experience

Please note: this game does not support iPod touch3, iPhone3, and iPhone 3GS.

The Dreamotion™ experience will take you through a riveting narrative with real-time animated 2D art and immersive environments.

A collaborative project built from the ground up between experienced mobile GAME DEVELOPER Leviathan Games, COMIC BOOK ARTISTS: Tyler Kirkham, Steve Scott and Nick Runge, WRITERS: Josh Viola (creator), Keith Ferrell and JC Hutchins and featuring MUSIC by Celldweller.

The Bane of Yoto is a REVOLUTIONARY transmedia story-telling experience that embraces the digital medium and modern, mobile technology, ushering in a new entertainment genre defined as Dreamotion™.

Based on the award-winning (2012 NY Book Festival – Science Fiction) novel “The Bane of Yoto” by Josh Viola, the app is delivered in episodes tracing the epic events of the book.

Story Synopsis

When a mythical dagger is plunged into his chest, Yoto is transformed from a meek member of an enslaved alien society into a beast of vengeance, fit to do battle with the gods. Will he use his power to free his people ...or annihilate them?

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