Saturday, October 27, 2012

Termite Bianca, Volume 1 - Episode 1

Termite Bianca, Volume 1 - Episode 1

Number/issue: 1
Pages: 22
Genre: Sci-fi
Date of publication: 2012
English, italian
Price: Free
Platform(s): iPad

Who is Bianca? Where does she come from? What are the origins of her superpowers?

A mysterious, unknown disease is reaping lives from the People of the Sea. The Government can't find a way out and is suspicious of the theories of Rudbekius, the Ancient Savant, who claims the cause of the illness to be an incurable, genetic disorder.

The remedy, according the the Savant, are buried in the past, within the ruins of of an ancient, forgotten civilization.

Rudbekious, in total contrast with his own people, leaves on a mission that will probably be without return.

At the end of a devastating adventure, which saw the elected Prince Uther amongst its protagonists, our questions about Bianca's origins will have a surprising answer.

Pavesio Editore's comics are finally available for your Ipad, where you'll be able to experience them in a new, vibrant and dynamic format, as a result of the application of Airmid, Visionborne's content enhancement technology.

Airmid delivers the perfect balance between traditional comics and computer animation. The comic enthusiast will be able to enjoy comics in the same was as he/she did on printed paper, but in a richer, more immersive and captivating reading experience.

Airmid's specially crafted reader, made to be as unobtrusive as possible so comics can really shine full screen in all of their glory, lets the reader:

* Swipe back and forth between the pages of the comic.

* Double tap to access a thumbnail index of pages for easy access to pages anywhere in the comic.

* Zoomable balloons for ease of reading.

* Balloons are also multilingual too, so the reader can choose to read the comic in any of the available languages.

This comic is in English and in Italian, language used is based on System Settings.

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