Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pumpkins - Happiness is within Grasp

A new fairy tale adventure from Laura Livi: “Pumpkins - Happiness is within Grasp” is now available on Amazon, Kindle and Lulu!

Get it in full color!

Between 1824 and 1832 Romantic Poet, Giacomo Leopardi, wrote the Dialogue between a Goblin and a Gnome. The Story behind is quite simple: the human race destroyed itself, nobody was aware of it, or cared. The sun kept going up and down; the universe worked as it did in the last five Billion years... On Earth, the time for the Little People has come...

Fairy Marketplaces are built on roundabouts, crumbled mass-distribution centers of goods became mines Goblins and Gnomes dig to retrieve Wonders created by the Ancient Giants and sell them. Everybody wondered how the Tall People could have died, having so much to enjoy life. The Pumpkins are a family of Wonder miners and dealers from the Ripeshine Village. They mine a crumbled Mall near a large market place where they sell the goods they collect.

Things change when they discover a secret warehouse of toys and reactivate N.E.C. a little toybot that soon becomes a member of the Pumpkin family... Yet, their lives are about to change. Something from the long-lost past wakes up in the Shining Mountains, unifying the fierce Cyborcs in a conquering force...

Something bad...

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