Thursday, November 3, 2011

Norhend Adventure

Title: Norhend Adventure 
Number/issue: 2
Genre: Action/adventure, fantasy
Pages: 24 + extras
Date of publication: 2011
English, Spanish
Price: First issue free, 2nd 1,59€
Platform(s): iPad & iPhone

iTunes english spanish

An exceptional manga full of humor that will make you laugh and eat nails! Norhend is a series of Chilean authors Felix Ahumada and Jorge Vega. And the story says that...

Many centuries ago, the world was divided by the Gods in six continents, each one of them protected by its own deity. The Gods gave life to all the planet's creatures as well as peace and wisdom. All that was created was good and noble until the arrival of a being called Ubel, who created evil creatures to destroy the Gods' creation.

Ubel faced the Gods, showing them to be superior, but they combined their power and managed to lock Ubel in a runic prision. With their last strenght, the Gods created their final legacy: six blood blacksmiths, who will be responsible of stopping Ubel if he ever managed to escape his prision.

Balkar is one of those blacksmiths, almost as old as the world. He travels to find adventures, enjoying his favorite TV Shows and the company of every maiden he can rescue. However, his life will soon change, since Ubel will not be locked forever!

DO NOT MISS THIS GREAT MANGA! Take a free look at the first episode and knows the mad blacksmith Balkar and his beautiful girls and their... err... beautiful first enemy!

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