Monday, November 28, 2011

Super Primate

Title: Super Primate

Genre: fantasy, superheroes
Date of publication: 2010
Issues: 2
Price: n°1 free, n°2 0,99$
Platform(s): iPad
& iPad, android (only n°1)

iTunes 1 2
Once upon a time, in an ancient kingdom of the Far East, an extraordinary legend was told of a mysterious primate with special magical powers.

Fate brought the mysterious primate to the Holy Monk, 'Sanzang'. And together they set out on a pilgrimage to the West for the Holy Scriptures, which were mankind’s only hope of redemption from the world then full of sin, greed and evil.

Against countless demons, the pilgrimage marked the beginning of a continuous struggle between good and evil… and eventually both quietly vanished to nowhere…

As time flies, thousand years passed to nowadays prosperous world. But the world is still full of miserable, getting more weird and complicated than ever. Isn't the evil vanished as the legend told? Who has the power save the world from darkness?

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