Friday, December 16, 2011

Skinwalker, The Beginning Of The End

Title:Skinwalker, The Beginning Of The End

Number/issue: 1
Genre: action, fantasy
Date of publication: 2011
Price: 0,79€

Platform(s): iPad

Folklore mixes with the dangerous Russian corruption here in Moscow, far away from God. A dark and dreadful past stands between Nikolai and his quest for truth; a truth obscured by men of power and supernatural entities, forever binding them to a slow condemns.

BookmakerComics Association is pleased to publish "The Beginning Of The End" first episode of the series Skinwalker.
This comicbook App, using all the iPad features and an excellent browsing system, will drive you thru murders, conspiracies, Russian pagan mythology and the corruption of the modern society.
New episodes and updates coming soon, with new stories, artworks and extras constantly updated!
Welcome in Russia and prepare yourself, cause Moscow has never been so cold.

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