Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cut the Rope: the Comic

Title: Cut the Rope: the Comic
Number/issue:3 (in progress)
Pages: 23
Genre: Action/adventure
Date of publication: 2011
Price: n°1 free, n°2 and 3 1,59€

Platform(s): iPad, iPhone
Zeptolab site

What's that small, green creature with an insatiable appetite for candy?
Its Om Nom, of course!

But who is Om Nom and why does he come in a box and eats candies?

The star of the smashing hit game, Cut the Rope, now has a new comic book series! See the amazing fun story of Om Nom and his friends unfold!

Zeptolab, the creator of the Cut The Rope game phenomena, brings you the first issue for FREE. Additional issues are available for purchase in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Om Nom's cute personality and endless appetite for candy make an entertaining and playful story for kids and adults alike.

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