Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Proxy : Mystery Delivery

Title: Proxy : Mystery Delivery

Number/issue: 1
Pages: 11
Genre: Action/adventure
Date of publication: 2012
English, Malaysia
Price: Free

Platform(s): iPad
Facebook page (you can found the same preview here) 

Meet Proxy Comics: Mystery Delivery Volume Zero!
The First Malaysian Comic/book Apps that combine Cool Comics + Cool Soundtrack from Malaysian Rock Indie Bands + Games in one!

This Free Apps Comics will include:
* Proxy Apps Tutorial
* 11 pages Of Malaysian MDEC IPCC Contest Winning Comic - 'Mystery Delivery' From Malaysian Indie Cartoonist Mr White!
* Buy Soundtracks From The Very Best Of Malaysian Rock Indie Bands - Hujan, Bunkface, Pesawat, Coda , Tashya's Ink And Many More!
* Music Bank Playlist to enjoy your downloaded soundtrack time & time again!
* Cool & Simple Games at selected pages!
* 4 More Translated Volume To Come in Various Languages! 

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