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Robot 13

Robot 13

Title: Robot 13
Writer: Thomas Hall
Penciller: Daniel Bradford
Producer: Robot Media
Number/issue: 3
Genre: Action/adventure, sci-fi, steampunk
Pages: 25 each issue
Date of publication: 2010
Language: English
Price: Free issue 1 - 0,99$ chapter 2 & 3
Platform: iPhone & android
Apple store
Android Market
Robot Media site

In 1939, something was pulled up from the ocean depths off the coast of Spain; what it was and where it originated from were a mystery to the fishermen who found it, but all the surviving members of that crew agree on one thing~ whatever it was, it saved their lives. Robot 13 tells the odyssey of the hero who awoke from the ocean floor that day as it looks for answers to who he really is...

A comic by Thomas Hall with art by Daniel Bradford.

MTV Splash Page says: "after the reading through the issue, it definitely has its own unique tone (again, in both in the art and story) and narrative pacing that make it feel like a very different — and very good — series. I was really impressed with it, and this is certainly one to keep an eye on."

Eat. Sleep. Geek. says: "Simply put, you need Robot 13 in your hands, and the guy you buy your comics from needs it in his (or her) store. Trust me, neither of you will regret the decision." Says: "The journey of discovery that Robot 13 embarks on at the end of the first issue is one I plan on following until the end, as when the robotic hero discovers who he truly is at the finale of his epic quest, perhaps we as the readers will uncover something in all of us, too."

Robert Hood says: "Edgy and dynamic, Bradford’s art compliments and drives the narrative, which is scripted with no-nonsense clarity by Thomas Hall."

Ain't It Cool says: "This looks to be an uber-fun series and the design of the hero and monsters are too cool to miss. Check out the Blacklist website for more info on how to get this damn fine book."

Comic Book Junkie says: "...these pages of the skull-headed robot protagonist fighting a giant octopus are simply delicious"

Platypus Robot says: "It's everything I love about comics: Robots, Monsters, and Big Fights!"

SuperPunch says: "Replace Hellboy with an undead cyborg in a body that looks like a diving suit, and you get Robot-13, created by Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford. I just read the first tentacle monster-filled issue and give it a thumbs up. "

Scoop says: "What keeps this from devolving into negative territory is the strong story. The title character has no idea what or who it is or where it came from. All it knows is that it has an instinctual and irresistible drive to protect mankind from mythological creatures of destruction, and this first issue gives him ample opportunity to do so."

Calvin's Canadian Cave Of Coolness says: "You got a robot with a skull encased in a bubble helmet fighting a giant octopus. HELLO! So where is my cartoon and action figure already?"

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