Saturday, October 22, 2011

Comic Hero - Old Habits (Die Hard)

Title: Comic Hero - Old Habits (Die Hard)
Number/issue: 1
Genre: Action/adventure
Pages: not applicable
Date of publication: 2011
English, German, Spanish
Price: Free preview, full 0,99$
Platform(s): iPad & iPhone
Black Tobacco

Do you remeber the old gamebook where you can chose the path?

Comic Hero is an interactive comic platform that gives you the opportunity to choose between options so you can decide the path that the story will take.
You can return to previous decisions you made and make a new selection in order to develop different ways of action for the characters.
The total progress of the story can be checked as many other features as:

- History of decisions taken
- Percentage of decisions made
- Statistics of chosen endings
- Reset all the features, and more.

The comic is completely digitally-remastered and counts with original quick animations, leading to an enjoyable unique reading experience.

Old Habits is the story of a man located in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is trying to figure out what's happening in his life today and, with a little help from his friends and enemies, he'll be solving and adding problems either peacefully or...
Old Habits is the passionate tale of a man with questionable morals looking for peace, justice and redemption.

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