Friday, October 7, 2011

Imaginary Range

Imaginary Range
Title: Imaginary Range
Producer: Square - Enix Co. LTD.
Number/issue: 1 at the moment
Genre: Action/adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, game
Pages: 53
Date of publication: 2011
Language: English, French, Japanese
Price: Free
Platform(s): iPad, iPhone & Android
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Imaginary Range offers a new genre of entertainment: a hybrid comic and game experience.

As you read through Square Enix's latest new tale, you'll view story cutscenes between comic pages and play through a variety of game segments.
Finish the story once, and you'll unlock extra comic commentary and the ability to play the game portions separately.
The coins you collect in the comic and games can be used to unlock new entries in the app's Gallery mode.
At the moment the best example of hybridation of a comic and a game, still the minigames are a little simple.

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