Thursday, October 27, 2011

Operation Ajax

Title: Operation Ajax Number/issue: 10 (5 for now)
Genre: spy, thriller, graphic novel, history
Pages: not applicable
Date of publication: 2011
Price: Free first 3 previews, 0,79€ each number
Platform(s): iPad
Official site

Experience the most interactive graphic novel on a tablet, called “one of the coolest media experiences that I’ve seen on the iPad” in the New York Times!

Operation Ajax is a graphic retelling of the 1953 CIA-sponsored coup in Iran, letting you dive in to history like never before with revolutionary interactive enhancements to the traditional graphic novel experience.

Inspired by author Stephen Kinzer’s investigative journalism and his bestselling account of the coup, Operation Ajax is a riveting story that examines the facts and mystery behind today’s political conflicts in the Middle East and America’s modern discord with Iran.

Follow a covert CIA operative– based on the identities of real agents whose names were redacted from leaked CIA records- as he recalls the dramatic real-life historical events involving heads of state, covert agents, hired thugs, and revolutionary political activists.

The fun of reading comics and the allure of accessing an actual coup plan -which was controversially leaked to the New York Times in 2000- come together in this cool and engaging iPad story.

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