Friday, October 21, 2011

Sulphur and Dana

Title: Sulphur and Dana
Number/issue: 1
Genre: fantasy
Pages: 9
Date of publication: 2011
Language: Italian, English
Price: Free
Platform(s): iPad
Official site

One of the must stunning animated comic at the moment, a little short, but the water/fire effect are really something you need to see.

The graphic novel is based on the short poem “Sulphur & Dana, fire, water love”, that depicts one of the miracles that only love can perform: the victory over prejudice, discrimination, mistrust and loathing towards “the other”.
An act of love is an act of growing closer, an attempt to get to know those who appear different from us, a powerful and spontaneous impulse of trust. It is no accident that the ancients believed it was Eros, Love, who brought harmony to the Universe.
The nine-page comic story shows how diversity is nearly always at the root of misunderstandings and conflicts. Men fear what they do not understand, and it is their fear that puts down the roots of hatred.

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