Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carnival Of Souls

Title: Carnival Of Souls
CREATOR and WRITER: Jazan Wild
Genre: HorrorDate of publication: 2009
Language: English
Price: 0,99$ each, free for Android
Platform(s):iPad, iPhone & Android  
iTunes 1 1 (new) 2 3 4 3D Graphic novel (only iPad 1,99$)
Android Market 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8(not found) 9 10 11 3D Reader

Carnival Of Souls the 1st Motion Comic Book on the Android!
Carnival Comics led the way into the future of comic publishing with this ground breaking motion comic, as far back as 2006. Now Carnival leads the way again, by being the first Comic Book company to bring motion comics to the Android Marketplace.
This wonderfully dark journey into the wild leads readers into the heart of a twisted circus. Jazan couldn't wait to enter the carnival, but once he did, it entered him! After leaving the grounds, he becomes the sole survivor of a plane crash. Jazan begins to see the freakish characters from the carnival deep in the heart of the jungle he crashed into. What was once a dream, has quickly become a nightmare.
Also in 3D!

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